Our Bikes

Our club hosts 3 volks-bike (YREs, year-round events) events.  All of these events highlight a range of unique man-made and natural attractions in the Las Vegas valley area.   Our bike events are available for online registration; this means ‘no contact’ registration and receiving directions and maps via download to your computer or phone. When you finish the event, simply return online to print out your IVV stamp(s) which you cut and paste into your book(s). You must have an account on My.AVA.org to use the Online Start Box (OSB). It is easy to create an account if you need one by following this guide.

River Mountains Trail Bike Ride (10k to 55k Rated 2/3A)
  • About the River Mountains Trail Bike Ride:   After registering online, you will download directions to 8 trailheads and more information including bike rental options near trail. Choose where to start and the distance you want to bike, from 10K to 55K. This beautiful bike ride will take you through the desert above Lake Mead. The River Mountains Loop Trail is a 12 ft wide paved path with mile makers every ½ mile.  Difficulty is dependent on elevation change of section you choose to bike. As part of the extended distance bike program, the AVA allows distance credit in excess of 10 km for the total distance biked on the same day.  Visit https://rivermountainstrail.org/ for more information about the trail.
  • Start box location:  You must register to do this walk by using the online start box.
  • Directions to the start point:  Directions to the start point(s) will be provided after you register online for this walk.

Two new bike events will be posted later this year.