Special Programs

The AVA keeps track of each participant's distance and event milestones by the stamps in their AVA/IVV record books.  By paying the credit fee for each sanctioned event you may record this stamp in both distance and event books.  You can purchase these cards through the AVA website or by contacting our Club Treasurer.  Distance books record the distances you complete to the next milestone award level. There are distance books for walking and biking. Event books record total events (walking, swimming, biking, etc) to the next milestone award level. You send completed book(s) to the AVA Headquarters which will update your achievement record and return the book(s) with the milestone award of a pin, patch and certificate for the level(s) achieved.
In addition to collecting event and distance credits, the AVA also has national and special programs created by member clubs. These programs are selected based on:   
  • Historical Significance: will the participant learn about events of historical significance or cultural interest?   
  • Scenic Interest: will the participant visit sites of scenic interest or significant natural beauty?   
  • Geographic Area: will the Special Program be relevant in all or most of the United States?   
  • Description Clarity: are the Special Program qualifiers clearly described? Will participants, clubs, and walk POC's be able to easily understand which events qualify?   
  • Award Appearance: is the award attractive?   
  • Entertainment Value: Will the program be fun to do?  
The AVA also has an annual Centurion Program book which allows walkers record 100 events (walks, bikes, swims, etc) in a calendar year (please order this special book directly from the AVA).
**New in 2024: Frank Sayers has sanctioned walks in all Nevada counties for 2024.  Online registration for these walks can be found here beginning in 2024.  Also, more information will be available here for these walks in early 2024.