Walking Tips

The Las Vegas High Rollers and Strollers Volksmarch Club is located in Las Vegas Nevada (in other words, we are located in the middle of the desert!).  Due to our location, we suggest the following tips to make your walks with us both safer and more enjoyable...
  • Always cross at traffic lights and use crosswalks.  Jaywalking is extremely dangerous in Las Vegas since many of our roads feature six or more lanes and high speed limits.
  • Always carry water with you when you walk.  While we try to plan our walks with both restrooms and water sources in mind, there may be stretches with no water so please bring your own.
  • Avoid getting too much sun.  Wear a hat, use sunscreen, wear sunglasses, and wear loose clothing.
  • If you plan to walk in the summer be sure to walk very early in the morning (from daybreak at 5:30am until about 9am).  Temperatures can get up to 115 degrees on some of our summer days!
  • If you are bringing your pet with you, make sure they are on a leash and under your control at all time.  Also, be sure to clean up after them!
  • Keep a good amount of distance between yourself and any  wildlife you may encounter.  You may see mountain goats in the Lake Mead area, coyotes in the Seven Hills area, the very rare rattlesnake...while we don't usually encounter wildlife on our walks, it is possible so be careful and give any creatures you may run across their space.
  • Some of our walks go through very popular tourist areas.  As such, you want to be aware of your surroundings and take the same precautions you would take in any urban area.
  • Our walks are meant to be completed between dawn and dusk.